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    Kawaii Gakuen Rules!


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    Kawaii Gakuen Rules!

    Post by Mirai on 2/24/2013, 2:42 pm

    Hi! To keep everybody happy and safe, please read these rules:

    Please refrain from posting in topics that are more than two weeks old. They are outdated. Therefore, make your own topic if you have to. The only exception is sticky topics.

    One/Two Word Posts
    Please refrain from one and two words posts. The minimum words needed for post are three words. The only exception is posting games.

    Please don't post spam. Spam is something pointless and off-topic. Do you really think we want to hear that you just used the bathroom when we were talking about the penguins? NO.

    Personal Info
    Pictures of yourself is ok, but no phone numbers, addresses, zip code, or anything a stalker can use to find you.

    Back-seat moderating
    Please enforce the rules if your not an admin. Leave that for the mods. For example:
    Topic: The newest doughnut shop.
    User 1 (Not a Mod): I just got the creme filled, vanilla doughnut there! It's delicious!
    User 1: Also, you guys should try the glazed doughnut with chocolate filling!
    User 2 (Also Not a Mod): Don't double post. It's against the rules

    Please don't double post. That means if you post, try not to post right after you just posted.

    End of rules

    That's it for now! Check back for more rules soon!




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